Histology Photomicrographs

Human Anatomy and Physiology (BIOL& 241L-242L)
Karen Hart, Peninsula College

I created this site in 2006 for students taking the human anatomy and physiology course sequence I taught at Peninsula College from 1981 through 2016.

One of the elements needed for understanding the functioning of the human body is a useful mental picture of the structure of the body at the microscopic level. The best way to build a mental picture of this microscopic territory is to explore it by direct "hands-on" experience with a microscope and histology slides in the lab.

The purpose of this site was to complement and facilitate students’ explorations in the lab. The images in this site are photographs I took of the microscope slides students worked with in lab. This site was a resource that could be used in a variety of ways: as a preview of lab work, as a review of lab work, and as a reference for lecture and text material.

Karen Hart, January 2019

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