August Trip

In the rose garden at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma Another rose And one more One of many plants we'd never seen before
P1380191 At Anthony's Home Port Restaurant (photographer can also be found) Sunset from the balcony at our Eatonville Motel In a small wetter patch near the Paradise Visitor Center gentians and white orchids (in next photo) reminded us of Pumpkinseed Lake.
White orchid Police Car Moth Gnophaela vermiculata near the Paradise Visitor Center On the Nisqually Vista trail looking at the Nisqually River emerging from the Nisqually Glacier From the Skyline trail looking north to Mt. Rainier
Turning to look south we see Mt. Adams. This Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel was quite interested in child eating a sandwich. The child and all the vistors we saw were very good about not feeding animals. Callospermophilus lateralis Townsend’s chipmunk enjoying a bluebery Tamias townsendii Dispirited Tiger Beetle Cicindela depressula
P1390644 Cascade Timberline Grasshopper Prumnacris rainierensis Almost above treeline P1390359
P1390371 P1390411 In the late afternoon of the first day we saw a group of marmots, including this adult and young one, lounging on their rocks. Hoary Marmot - Marmota caligata Second day heading up Golden Gate Trail. Bridge near Myrtle Falls
Yellow monkey flower next to the stream under the bridge At the top (for us) this stream crosses the trail Pink monkey-flower and yellow monkey-flower Pink monkey-flower Mimulus lewisii
Near the stream - a marmot came out to his rock And was joined by another. Marmota caligata And then a third arrived. Leaving marmots and heading downhill
A book nook in the Paradise Lodge balcony Inside the Paradise Lodge Paradise Lodge botanical lamps P1390550
Nisqually Glacier to Nisqually River, right to left